Zebre Rugby PARMA

MyP Magnetica Italiana announces that it has become the official SUPPLIER of the well-known "Zebre Rugby PARMA" CLUB

The sponsorship was strongly desired by Paolo Bellotti, president of the company, who has always promoted and invests in various activities that focus on young people.
His comment following the signing of the contract with ZEBRE was received with great enthusiasm by all members of the company and by the rugby team itself:

MyP Magnetica and I strongly believe in young people and in their value: they represent our future, our continuity, and I believe it is right to give space to their ideas and their activities, through dedicated investments. I am very satisfied with this new partnership: in this way we can make a small contribution to all the young people who are part of the team, helping them to build a great future in their sports career. I firmly believe that the purpose of an entrepreneur, in addition to managing a company in a correct and capable way, is to make a real and concrete contribution to the community, and I like to do so by investing in the children of our area.

Investing in young people

Investing in young people has always been one of the key values ​​of Myp Magnetica Italiana. In fact, since the new management took over, it has immediately kept faith with its value: most of its employees are under the age of 30; in addition, several companies that support it as suppliers, they are managed by entrepreneurs who are also under 30.

In a job market that gives less and less space to young people, Myp magnetica tries every day to give them its own contribution, through new hires, collaborations with specialized suppliers and partnerships.

With the acquisition of an ever-increasing market share in the magnet sector envisaged in our company roadmap, the company aims to hire other young people to be employed in its production line in Parma, and in its offices.

The company's slogan reads “Our strength is the magnet”, but it wouldn't be the company itself without the strength of all the young people who every day help her to grow more and more: the partnership with Zebre Rugby PARMA is also a way to show them your corporate commitment.