NdFeB Magnets Manufacter

In October 2021, MyP Magnetica Italiana SRL officially becomes a manufacturer of NdFeB magnets, thanks to the partnership with Swiss company YX Magnetic SA, a sole subsidiary of Ningbo Yuanchen New Materials Co., Ltd, a company founded in China in 1981 and a pioneer in the development of NdFeB magnets for domestic use.

The passage of MyP Magnetica Italiana from dealer to manufacturer of special NdFeB magnets represents a great opportunity for all our customers, bringing two decisive advantages to the market:

  • By internalizing the production of NdFeB magnets, as was done in the past for the production of plasto-ferrite magnets, we have become completely free from intermediaries, with the advantage of being able to offer direct technical assistance before-after-sales, develop projects internally and sell the products at a competitive price.
  • By no longer having to wait for intermediaries for the development of projects and the delivery of NdFeB magnets, we are able to meet the needs of our customers more quickly than previously.

Focus on Made in Italy

The partnership makes MyP Magnetica Italiana one of the very few manufacturers of NdFeB magnets on the Italian market.
In fact, the competition is mostly made up of companies that buy magnets from third parties, and then resell them to customers, with a net increase in costs and delivery times.

One of the values that has always distinguished us is our focus on Made in Italy, in fact in our Parma factory we produce plastoferrite magnets every day, and even if the production of NdFeB magnets will be carried out abroad, the study and design of products will be 100% Italian. With a direct technical service, competitive sales prices and reduced delivery times, MyP Magnetica is preparing to acquire an increasingly large share in the magnet market in the coming years, becoming a point of reference in Italy, thanks also to the trust that our customers place in our company every day.

MyP Magnetica Italiana is an Italian company, currently based in Parma (PR), focused on the production of plasto-magnets and on the development and marketing of magnet-based products and technologies. The know-how acquired and developed in recent years mainly consists in the production of flexible magnets in isotropic and anisotropic Plasto-ferrite. The know-how consists in the recipes for the realization of semi-finished products with different magnetic properties and above all in the realization of articles in different shapes for which we can boast of having developed unique cutting technologies. The passage of MyP Magnetica Italiana from dealer to manufacturer of special NdFeB magnets represents a decisive turning point for all our customers: thanks to our partnership with YX Magnetic we are able to provide assistance, design and sale of NdFeB magnets in a shorter time and at a lower cost. This choice represents a fundamental piece for the roadmap of MyP Magnetica Italiana: by 2027 our goal is to become a leading company in Italy in the production and sale of special NdFeB magnets, and I am sure that now we have all the cards on the table to succeed.