New headquarters

MyP Magnetica Italiana srl ​​will become international

ìMyP Magnetica Italiana SRL will increase the degree of internationalization with the birth of a new operational and commercial headquarters in Brazil.

The new headquarters in Brazil of MyP Magnetica Italiana will represent a great opportunity, bringing two decisive advantages to the international market:

  • International opening as the key to offering the overseas market the range of products of excellence not only for quality and content in terms of image and well-being of life (the Italian way of life) but also for high reliability for the technological innovation that characterizes them.
  • By no longer having to wait for intermediaries and transporters to wait for the development of projects, production and delivery of magnets, MyP Magnetica will be able to meet the needs of our overseas customers more quickly than previously.

On the international market

The new headquarters in Brazil will make MyP Magnetica Italiana one of the very few Italian companies producing magnets on the international market.

One of the values that has always distinguished us is our focus on Made in Italy; in our Parma factory we produce magnets every day, and even if the production of the magnets will be carried out abroad, the study and design of the products will be 100% Italian.

With a technical-commercial service managed by one of our partners with thirty years of managerial experience in Brazil, MyP Magnetica is preparing to acquire an increasingly large share in the magnet market over the next few years, becoming a point of reference not only in Italy, thanks also to the trust that our customers place in our company every day.