The Attraction in all its forms

MyP Magnetica Italiana is an Italian company, currently based in Parma (PR), focused on the production of plasto-magnets and on the development and marketing of magnetic products and articles.

MyP Magnetica Italiana is an Italian company, currently based in Parma (PR), focused on the production of plasto-magnets and on the development and marketing of magnetic products and articles.

The company has founded its activity on the study and transformation of magnetic material to create innovative products, such as Plastoferrite, which can be used, in different compositions, in multiple fields of application, from pneumatics to automotive, passing through sound applications. , cooling systems, lighting, magnetotherapy and much more. European and international partnerships allow MyP Magnetica Italiana to follow the entire production process, from the study of the idea, the modeling and prototyping of the magnet, up to the transformation into a finished product, its production and marketing of the finished product.

The innovative production process is supported by a renewed Quality Control Laboratory capable of analyzing all production steps, from magnetic powders to the finished product, and by a solid R&D Department, which fulfills the customer's requests.

All products manufactured and marketed by MyP Magnetica Italiana combine high quality and high added value, in favor of sustainability, low environmental impact, health, safety and customer satisfaction.

The seriousness and quality of the company are supported by the ISO 9001: 2015 certification obtained in January 2018.

Beware of evolutions

Always interested in evolutions and market demands, MyP Magnetica Italiana has invested in innovative CNC numerical control cutting machines, which allow it to have maximum flexibility both in the prototyping phase and in the subsequent production phase. This advantage has allowed it to establish itself on the market in important ways. MyP Magnetica Italiana has proved to be an innovative and pioneering company in various applications of the magnetic market, MyP Magnetica Italiana is at the forefront of technical knowledge, proposing and innovating applications and products. The magnetism "in all its forms" is MyP Magnetica Italiana. Download brochure

In a constantly evolving market, MyP Magnetica Italiana, with its flexibility and competence, has been able to meet its challenges with promptness and spirit of initiative, carving out a good position in the sector in the market of highly specialized and competitive magnetic products. For example, in the market of pneumatic pistons, it was the first to propose the use of magnetic rings inside the cylinder that would allow the activation of the sensors located outside the piston itself. Instead in the market of lifts-elevator and after listening to the practical needs of the users, MyP Magnetica Italiana was the first company to mark the north polarity with colors in order to immediately recognize the desired polarity.

In a market that is constantly evolving, in both production and application sectors, the company wants to play an important role in the field of magnetic materials, winning the competitions everyday thanks to its flexibility, competence and great spirit of initiative. The pursuit of these values ​​will allow MyP Magnetica Italiana to act as an important reference in the market of magnetic products with high quality standard and in the market where high demand specialization is required.

La Strategia Aziendale

  • Modeling of the final product in a practically infinite variety of geometries and customizations applicable to the material
  • Customization and development of the product in a true TAILOR-MADE process that allows us to meet the customer’s needs
  • Development of the universe of magnets by exploring new possibilities and applications
  • Control of the entire process, from prototyping to the finished product, thanks to qualified sector partnerships
  • Marketing of injected or sintered magnetic products, in ceramic or metal alloy