Application fields

The Attraction in all its shapes

The forces of attraction and repulsion of permanent magnets are exploited in many different applications by purpose and sector: from health to safety, from transport, to logistics, to industrial production.


There are sensors called "inductive" that require a magnetic field for their activation, which can provide countless information, an example of all, the position / limit switch signal of a pneumatic piston, or in the case of an elevator, this signal allows you to stop at the selected floor. Thanks to our laboratory and the "partnership" with our customers, we can follow the project specifications in detail, creating the magnet with the correct flow, without any limit in shape. Our experience allows us to suggest new solutions, with the aim of having a high-performance, quality and certified product.


Magnetic labels of all sizes and shapes, magnetic strips for the automatic driving of trolleys and similar, phosphorescent identification labels.

Fashion products

In this market, the magnet has found its “tailor made”: closures for bags, magnetic buttons, closures for sofas.

Automation / Robotics

Magnets for pneumatic and electric pistons for industrial automation, cylinders and micro-cylinders. In the civil sector, magnets are fundamental components in the opening / closing systems of shutters, doors, gates….

Printing, communication, packaging

Make your communication “Magnetic". Everything you need for advertising in a simple, versatile and effective way. Some examples: the plates attached to the doors of the school buses, taxis, companies, exhibitors, linear customization etc ...



In all audio systems, from in-ear headphones to speakers, from microphones to professional audio systems, magnets are present to allow the transformation of an electric current flow into sound waves and vice versa.


In the ecological field, magnets are used as components of filters for water purification: magnetic filter, to retain metal particles present in liquids.

Electric Motors and Plant Engineering

Synchronous and permanent magnets, gearless motors, single-phase, three-phase, double polarity, inverters.
Magnets are involved in the normal operation of civil and industrial electrical systems and in many accessories such as switches, electrical junction boxes, timers, thermostats, air conditioners, etc ...

Magnetoterapy / Healthcare

Magnetotherapy is a technique that exploits the benefits of magnetic fields for healing and rehabilitation of bones and muscles. It is used to stimulate cell regeneration and is used above all in the case of fractures that struggle to heal. But it is also useful for osteoporosis and muscle pain.
Innovation and the development of technology have allowed the increase of magnetic components dedicated to health care. Magnets are an important part of components of diagnostic imaging or laboratory machines, of drills and accessories for dentistry and much more.

Lighting technology

Over the years, this discipline has assumed great importance as well as being an important design element. The elements used to give light to an environment, internal or external, contain magnets in their components: lighting bodies, headlights, LEDs, etc ...


The safety of places, as homes, public or professional places, is becoming increasingly important in our daily life. By exploiting the characteristics of the various magnets, it is possible to obtain sensors for doors and windows, complementing the work of video surveillance systems.


The automotive sector has been using magnetic products for years for a myriad of applications, from the simple closing of glove compartment, to the more complex one for the management of seat heating / cooling, in parking sensors, braking systems. Surely the advent of hybrid or electric products has increased exponentially the use of these products.


Customized magnets to better interact with sensors, control panels, gearless motors, encoders.


Magnetic door closures, magnetic hooks, mosquito nets, shower enclosures.

Household appliance

Magnetic seals and accessories for fridges, washing machines, dryers.
Refrigeration profession: fridge for restaurants, pastry shops, refrigerated counters, clinics for the storage of medicines and other delicate materials